Paul Jurmo



I remember the day our plane came in for a landing over West Africa.  The light house outside Dakar flashed through the darkness and my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and I roused ourselves from the 8-hour flight from the U.S.  My career in adult education and workforce development was about to begin.

I’ve had the great fortune to have a wonderful series of career opportunities since that time -- as a Peace Corps Volunteer and aid worker in non-formal education programs in Africa, as a researcher at a national adult literacy policy organization, as an evaluator of U.S. and Canadian workplace literacy programs, as a university professor and college dean, in my work with VALUE and adult learner leadership, in union education programs, as a developer of new kinds of worker education and professional development models for adult educators, and in efforts to customize services to immigrants and Haitian evacuees, ex-offenders, older “career changers,”  and low-income youth. Most recently I worked for five years for Peace Corps, as an administrator of the agency’s post in Tonga.

I am grateful for these opportunities.  I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with others who believe in education as a tool for helping children, youth, and adults participate at high levels in their work, family, and civic roles.  Keep in touch.

                                                 Paul Jurmo   

                                                 March, 2019


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