Paul Jurmo



This website summarizes my work in basic skills development for adults, youth, and children in the United States and other countries.

Resources are provided for:

  1. integrating basic skills with other development goals (e.g., workforce and economic development, poverty reduction, health, environmental sustainability, prisoner re-entry, democratization);

  2. adult learner leadership;

  3. collaborative partnerships with diverse stakeholders.

I’ve had the great fortune to be supported by and work with many wonderful people -- adult learners, educators, and individuals from multiple stakeholder groups (communities, labor, employers, public health and  environmental organizations, criminal justice agencies, universities and community colleges, and others). 

I thank and salute those colleagues. And I welcome further opportunities to share and build on the good work that is represented here.

                                                 Paul Jurmo   

                                                 January, 2021


This electronic portfolio presents Paul Jurmo’s professional work in:

  1. a resumé

  2. sample writings

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